Sick Day and a New Blog

So I’m home sick.  My fever just broke, and as I was changing my sheets and icky, sweaty pajamas, is it any wonder my brain decided it wanted to think about all the pretty crafts I’d rather be making?  And from there, is it any wonder I started thinking about the two Etsy shops I started with my pals a couple of weeks ago?  And from there, is it any wonder I decided to put on some new jammies, bring my laptop to bed with me and start a blog devoted to said Etsy shops?

Yeah, that part might be a wonder.  Usually when The Lappy comes to bed with me, it’s for other purposes.  But I’m not going to start off on the wrong foot here by blogging about YouPorn.  (But seriously, have you seen some of the stuff on that site?  It’s hilarious.)

Our first shop, Paper Cupcake, specializes in sweet little things for you and yours.  Cards, jewelry, etc.  If it’s cute, charming or even a little sophisticated, it’ll find a home on Paper Cupcake.

Our second shop, Bad Candy, is kind of like Paper Cupcake’s evil twin.  Same stuff, different feel.  Snarky, funny, and a little dark are what we shoot for at Bad Candy, and it’s no wonder it’s the more popular shop.

This blog will feature all kinds of things related to crafting in general and our shops specifically.  I hope you find something enjoyable, and I hope you visit our shops when you get a chance.

I also kind of hope I don’t look back on this post when I’m feeling better and regret having let myself near a computer while doped up on Theraflu.


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